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    • 不论国籍,只要有个人部落格就可以参加。
    • 新加坡报业控股员工及其直系家属不得参赛。海内外名人红格大奖项目除外。
    • 任何人都有资格推荐部落格,但只有上述条件之人士才可参加比赛。被推荐的部落格格主将收到电邮通知,邀请上网完成报名手续,才能被正式列为参赛者。成功完成报名手续者,将会收到确认电邮。
    • 参赛部落格中英不拘,成立时间不限,但要在报名/推荐时间截止之前成立。
    • 参赛部落格必须符合以下条件:
      • 每篇文章有独立的网址链接(permalink url)
      • 发表内容依发表时间排列
      • 发表内容依逆时序排列
    • 以上参赛资格如有争议,由评审团做最后裁定。



    Terms of Participation

    • Participation in the "Singapore Blog Awards" (hereinafter referred to as "the Awards") is open to anyone who owns a blog, regardless of nationalities.
    • Employees of Singapore Press Holdings ("SPH") and its subsidiaries and agents, and their immediate families are not eligible for participating in the Awards too, except for Celebrity Blog Awards.
    • Anyone is eligible to submit nominations, however only bloggers who meet the criteria above can contest as official nominees. Once nominated, omy will sent out an email to the bloggers, inviting them to register as official, contesting nominees. To complete the registration, bloggers have to fill in a registration form and an acknowledgment email will be sent to them thereafter to confirm their participation.
    • Nominated blogs can be written in both, English and Mandarin, or a mixture of both languages. There is no restriction on dates nominated blogs are created, as long as the blogs' URL can be submitted within the nomination period.
    • In order to be considered as contesting nominees, participating blogs must fulfill the two criteria below:
      • entries are written in a reverse chronological order so that readers always see the most recent post first
      • entries are all date-time-stamped
      • entries each have a unique permalink (url)
    • In case of any doubts, the judges reserve the right to make the final decision.



    得奖者必须在指定日期9月8日至9月11日出游,并在部落格上刊登3篇有关旅程的文章,才符合资格。若博客无法实行以上条规,奖品将会被转让给下一位得分最高的博客(同奖项类别)。 旅行行程(大会将安排所有餐食与车程)将由澳门特别行政区政府旅游局全程安排。


    Macau Government Tourist Office T&Cs

    Note :

    • Return airfare and accommodation for one pax, sponsored by Macau Government Tourist Office. Winner MUST be able to travel on the stipulated date from 8 to 11 Sep 2012 and fulfill a minimum of 3 blog posts about the trip to be eligible. The prize will be passed on to the next top blogger in the same category if the winner is unable to fulfill the blogging requirement or travel during the stipulated dates. Trip itinerary (all transportation and meals will be arranged) will be planned by Macau Government Tourist Office. Kindly note that no pax should deviate from the itinerary and group at any point in time, unless it is free and easy time.
    • Conditions of Access
    • Contesting blog nominees will be listed according to date and time of submission on the awards web pages.
    • Registration forms are deemed to be correct and complete upon submission. No changes will be allowed once an acknowledgement email is sent out from omy.
    • Participants' personal particulars will be kept strictly confidential