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    Fun Shopping! Blogs, including blogshops with focus on online shopping related topics and experience or have written professional reviews and comments on online shopping. Finalists in this sponsored category will need to fulfill the following Terms & Conditions.


    To win the GMARKET Best Online Shopping Blog, finalists must blog, tweet and Facebook about their online shopping experience with GMARKET to secure interesting and attractive deals.

    MUST-Do Challenges are:

    • Blog and Facebook regularly
    • Complete at least 3 GMARKET transactions with sponsored G credits and do 3 blog posts about it (1 post per transaction).
    • Link to www.gmarket.com.sg/?jaehuid=2000095545
    • Facebook
    • In your blog posts, use the tags: GMARKET Best Online Shopping Blog, GMARKET Online Shopping, GMARKET Bargain, GMARKET Experience, GMARKET Discounts, GMARKET Offers, GMARKET Sale, GMARKET Promotions, GMARKET Deals, Gmarket review, Gmarket coupon, Online Shopping, GSS, Online Spree, Shop Online, Online Promotion

    A total of 5 prizes will be given out to the top 5 bloggers as below:

    1st prize - (1 winner): S$500 worth of G Credits + S$500 Q-Premium Platinum Coupon Book

    2nd prize - (1 winner): S$200 worth of G Credits + S$100 Q-Premium Gold Coupon Book

    3rd prize – (3 winners): S$20 worth of G Credits + S$30 Q-Premium Starter Coupon Book

    The top bloggers will be determined by 30% voting and 70% judging by a panel of judges comprising representatives from omy.sg and GMARKET Singapore.

    What the Judges will take into considerations

    • Contestants will be given S$100 worth of GMARKET G Credits to make transactions. The quantity and quality in the coverage of the transaction processes will be taken into consideration
    • Depth of coverage, unique angles when you cover your shopping experience with GMARKET
    • How you integrate GMARKET into your daily life and blog posts seamlessly in an interesting manner.


    • Judges will take into consideration the traffic your blog drives to GMARKET’s Facebook Page; extra brownie points if you get your Facebook Friends to join the GMARKET Facebook Page.

    How this will be tracked:

    • The depth of engagement with GMARKET’s Facebook Page community – i.e. likes, comments, sharing of information, tag back to the GMARKET Facebook Page