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    今年,新加坡部落格大奖除了有丰富奖品、精彩活动、出席电影首映礼的机会外,胜出的部落格主将赢得由本地多元艺术家陈瑞献设计的部落格鼎、澳门往返机票与住宿配套、Panasonic相机、最新iPad 4G等总值超过$30,000 的奖品!

    omy.sg也紧跟本地社交媒体发展与流行趋势,调整10个新加坡部落格大奖的奖项。今年的10个奖项保留了去年的9个奖项,包括"Panasonic Eco最佳摄影部落格"、"Panasonic Eco最佳生活资讯部落格"、"Panasonic部落Y格斗"、"Casio Sheen最佳时尚部落格"、"Domino's最佳美食部落格"、"SOLD.SG最不可思议部落格"、"最具个人特色部落格",, "最佳家庭部落格"、,以及"最佳旅游部落格"。今年新添设了” 最佳视频部落格”,希望能够让爱拍摄视频的格主们也一同受到肯定。

    另外,海内外名人所经营的部落格将经公众推荐及投选的方式,角逐由Panasonic赞助的"最受欢迎本地名人部落格/微博"和"最受欢迎海外名人部落格/微博"的奖项。公众也可以参与3大赞助奖项,包括"Gmarket最佳网购部落格"、"Mary Chia最佳美容部落格"以及"ST701最佳网络商店部落格"。

    2012年新加坡部落格大奖由Panasonic, Casio Sheen, Macau Government Tourist Office(澳門特別行政區政府旅遊局), Domino’s Pizza, QOO10 (New Gmarket), SOLD.SG, Singapore Flyer(新加坡摩天观景轮), Mary Chia以及ST701主要赞助,以及其他赞助商Golden Village以及Singapore Food Trail鼎力支持。宣传伙伴是STOMP, PING.SG以及Youth.SG。场地伙伴是Singapore Flyer(新加坡摩天观景轮)以及Singapore Food Trail。


    Organised by omy.sg, a bilingual news and interactive web portal by leading media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH), the Singapore Blog Awards honour tireless "new age wordsmith" who devote much time and energy in maintaining informative, regularly updated and innovative blogs, often out of interest rather than for personal gains.

    Stepping into Singapore Blog Awards’ fifth year, the award returns with a zest of quirky fun, as we instill the theme of “5uperBloggers, Attack!” into this magnificent annual event. In addition to a yummy-licious color bursting website, we will also be crowning 5 bloggers as our “SuperBloggers”, to specially recognize their loyal efforts in the blogosphere thus far. These 5 bloggers would be decided by the omy.sg team after rounds of internal voting. Don’t forget to also keep a lookout for a series of exciting and fun Super Heroes themed events during this period!

    This year, the Singapore Blog Awards returns with more exciting events and prizes. Other than a custom-made trophy designed by famous artist, Mr Tan Swie Hian, bloggers will also stand to win a trip to Macau, inclusive of air tickets and accommodation and other attractive prizes. In total, over $30,000 worth of prizes awaits participating bloggers including New iPad 4G, Panasonic cameras, and more. Participating bloggers will also receive exclusive invitations to sponsors' events such as movie premieres.

    The ten main award categories retains nine from last years' list of categories, namely "Panasonic Eco Best Photography Blog", "Panasonic Eco Best Lifestyle Blog", "Panasonic Best Y-Bloggist", "Casio Sheen Best Fashion Blog", "Domino's Best Food Blog", "SOLD.SG Best What-The-Hell Blog", "Best Individual Blog", "Best Family Blog", and "Best Travel Blog". The newly added category, "Best Vlog", gives recognition to vloggers who are actively providing interesting new contents on video.

    Adding to the excitement are fringe awards in partnership with Panasonic which are determined entirely by public voting. They are the "Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog" and "Panasonic Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/Microblog". There will be no prizes given to the fringe award winners, but voters stand to win attractive prizes.

    This year's Awards also see a whole new range of sponsored categories, specially catered to the growing community of niche bloggers. These include "Gmarket Best Online Shopping Blog", "Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog", and "ST701 Best Blogshop".

    The main sponsors for Singapore Blog Awards 2012 are Panasonic, Casio Sheen, Macau Government Tourist Office, Domino’s Pizza, QOO10 (New Gmarket), SOLD.SG, Singapore Flyer, Mary Chia and ST701. Other sponsors include Golden Village and Singapore Food Trail. Publicity partners are STOMP, PING.SG and Youth.SG. Venue partners are Singapore Flyer and Singapore Food Trail.

    The Singapore Blog Awards is part of a series of events branded under Social Media Fiesta, an omy.sg social media initiative.