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    Terms & Conditions for DEAL.COM.SG Best Shopping Blog

    • - To win the DEAL.COM.SG Best Shopping Blog, finalists must blog, tweet and Facebook their experience using DEAL.COM.SG to secure interesting deals
    • MUST-Do Challenges are:
      • Blog, Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook regularly
      • Write at least one blog post a week during the contest period
      • Complete at least 3 transactions with sponsored credits and blog about it
      • Links to
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter:
      • Use both the hashtags #sba2011 and #DealGuruSG when twittering
      • In your blog posts, use the tags: Best Shopping Blog, Shopping, Bargain, Experience, Things to do, Discounts, Travel

    One Grand Prize will be given out to the Top Blogger:

    • Top Blogger Award – goes to blogger who captures the best stories, and the most interesting aspects of shopping with
    • the top blogger will be determined by 30% voting and 70% judging by a panel of judges comprising representatives from and

    Grand Prize: $1,000 worth of credits

    What the Judges will take into consideration


    • Contestants will be given $100 worth of credits to make transactions. The quantity and quality in the coverage of the transaction processes will be taken into consideration
    • Depth of coverage, unique angles when you cover your shopping experience with
    • How you integrate into your daily life and blog posts seamlessly in an interesting manner.


    • Judges will take into consideration the traffic your blog drives to’s Facebook Page, extra brownie points if you get your Facebook Friends to join the Facebook Page.
    • How this will be tracked:
      • Your photo will be uploaded on Facebook page and you will need to get as many likes as possible.
      • The depth of engagement with our Facebook Page community – i.e. likes, comments, sharing of information, tag back to the Facebook Page


    • Frequency of tweets using #sba2011 and #DealGuruSG
    • The number of retweets
    • Quality of tweets – one liners versus tweets that share information (would be more beneficial)
    • Direct your followers to follow @DealGuruSG


    • Quality and Quantity of contribution of related content to the FourSquare community.
    • The number of DEAL.COM.SG related tips created in Foursquare check in points. Eg. The Stuff sold in this shop is also available on DEAL.COM.SG at a better price