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    Terms & Conditions for Asus Best Tech Blog

    • To win the Asus Best Tech, finalists must blog, tweet and facebook their experience with an Asus laptop which they are assigned
    • MUST-Do Challenges are:
      • Update their Blog, Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook regularly
      • Write at least 2 blog posts a week during the contest period
      • Attend at least one Asus event and blog about it
      • Link to
      • Use both the hashtags #sba2011 and #AsusSg when twittering - In your blog posts, use the tags: ASUS Best Tech Blog Award, ASUS laptop, ASUS N-series laptop review

    One Grand Prize will be given out to the Top Blogger

    • prize will go to the blogger who captures the best stories, and the most interesting aspects of the Asus laptop assigned and its Intel performance
    • the top blogger will be determined by 30% voting and 70% judging by a panel of judges comprising representatives from and Asus

    Grand Prize: Asus N-Series multimedia laptop worth up to SGD$1,898

    What the Judges will take into consideration:


    • Contestants will be provided with an Asus N-series laptop to use and review during the campaign period. In addition, contestants will also be assigned a set of Asus events and topics to cover. The quantity and quality in the reviews and coverage will be taken into consideration
    • Depth of review, coverage, unique angles when you cover your assigned events and topics.
    • How you integrate Asus laptop and Intel seamlessly into your daily life and blog posts.


    • Judges will take into consideration the traffic your blog drives to Asus’s Facebook Page, extra brownie points will be given if you get your Facebook Friends to join the Asus Facebook Page.
    • How this will be tracked:
      • Your photo will be uploaded on Asus Facebook page and you will need to get as many likes as possible.
      • The depth of engagement with our Asus Facebook Page community – i.e. likes, comments, sharing of information, tag back to the Asus Facebook Page


    • Frequency of tweets using #sba2011 and #AsusSg
    • The number of retweets
    • Quality of tweets – one liners versus tweets that share information

    Foursquare and/or Facebook Check-In

    • Quality and Quantity of contribution of related Asus content to the FourSquare and/or Facebook community.
    • The number of Asus related tips created in Foursquare and/or Facebook check in points. Eg. XYZ Tech Shop at Funan IT Mall sells Asus laptops
    • Responses to these entries