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  • Best Food Blog winner

    Johor Kaki Food and Travel Stories

    What sets him apart is that he chronicles the stories of the unsung food heroes, adding the special human touch to the everyday food we eat. Spending over $1000 on his blog every month, you can expect to find gems in the blog of this SBA 2014 Best Food Blog winner.

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  • Best Individual Blog winner



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  • Best Topical Blog winner

    Seriously Man

    Sometimes it is not enough to be a gentleman. In the modern day, Seriously Man thinks you’ve got to be a smooth one. The SBA 2014 Best Topical Blog winner promises you can find everything you need to know about to becoming seriously man.

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  • Best Travel Blog winner


    She is a young and seasoned traveller who has been to 15 countries and counting. SBA 2014 Best Travel Blog winner Ally shares tips on how to plan a holiday and how a girl can travel solo safely.

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  • Best Fashion Blog winner


    She calls her blog the Shopping Queen’s Haven, which documents her insatiable love for fashion, beauty, food and travel. SBA 2014 Best Fashion Blog winner Regina gives us a peek into her personal wardrobe and fashion shopping habits.

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  • Best Family Blog winner


    She is a mother of 3 little boys and she home-schools them. Her blog is where she rambles about motherhood and her ventures into various interests. SBA 2014 Best Family Blog winner Mum in the Making shares why she chose to home-school her children and her thoughts of being a Mummy Blogger.

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  • Best Photography Blog winner

    GuiTou Studio


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  • Best New Blog winner


    They search for sights and sounds of less trodden paths in Singapore, Asia and rest of the world, bringing you stories for the adventurous soul. SBA 2014 Best New Blog winner shares tips for new and upcoming blogs and what it takes to be adventurous.

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  • Best Lifestyle Blog winner


    He calls his blog “Singapore’s Top Toilet Reading Material”, and is unafraid of “getting personal” in his blog entries. SBA 2014 Best Lifestyle Blog winner Smith Leong gives the lowdown on weird clients, pretty girls, and how he deals with bad experiences in blogging.

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